Why is my tracking number not working ?

Why is my tracking number not working ?

Your tracking number may not be working for a few reasons : 

- If you just placed your order and were e-mailed a tracking number, your tracking information will not be active for 12-24 hours! 

- If you selected the budget shipping option, please make sure that the link for your tracking number is taking you to www.ups.com! This First Class option will need to be tracked via UPS. We also recommend logging on to the UPS website and copy & pasting your tracking number to view your information. 
** Budget shipping is UPS Mail Innovations which is a sub-service of the US Postal Service. 

For our International customers:  

- If you have chosen Priority or Express International shipping, tracking will become available within 3 business days from the shipment date. 

-If you selected the USPS First Class Mail International option : this is standard international mail delivery and does not offer tracking information. For more information on your delivery time-frame please see this article: http://help.superherostuff.com/customer/portal/articles/1367477-first-class-international-delivery-times or email us at help@superherostuff.com  
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