Hero Box Information:

Hero Box Information:

Our Hero Box is a mystery! You won’t know what’s inside until it gets to your front door! Every box is jam packed with $70+ of SuperHeroStuff plus a few exclusive bonus items you won’t find anywhere else. There are 10 themes to choose from including 9 of your favorite heroes PLUS a themed box that changes every month.

Our Monthly Box:  will have an exclusive theme every month! When the boxes are available for purchase we will advertise them in the weekly newsletter. Once your order is placed, your box of super - awesomeness will ship out by the end of the month. These monthly boxes will be limited quantities. 

Our Character Boxes: will feature a box filled with super-secret stuff featuring the hero of your choice! You will be able to order these at any time, and they ship 1-3 business days from your purchase date. This box does not change monthly but the items included and character choices will change periodically throughout the year. If you are waiting for a new box filled to the brim with stuff from your favorite character of choice, wait for the newsletter update which will alert you when the new edition is available. In the meantime, collect some of the other heroes that are available! 
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    • Is there a kid’s version of the Hero Box?

      At this time we do not have a kid’s Hero Box. But most of the boxes we have can include a children’s sized shirt if you would like to purchase one! Here is what you would need to do:   Email our customer service team at help@superherostuff.com with ...
    • Is the Hero Box a subscription?

      Currently we do not have a subscription service for Hero Boxes. It is a one-time purchase. No strings attached!  You can order the character boxes as often as you like, they ship out within 1-3 business days from the purchase date. This box does not ...
    • Is there a difference between Men’s & Women’s Hero Boxes?

      No, all of the contents of the Hero Boxes are unisex! The only difference is the style of shirt that you choose during checkout, you have the option of choosing a women’s style shirt or a men’s style shirt for every box. 
    • Do you ship to a PO BOX?

      Yes, we can ship to a PO BOX. During checkout, you will find options for both USPS and UPS; you will need to choose a USPS option for your shipment if you would like to use your PO BOX for delivery.  Here are the USPS Options:   US Post Office ...
    • Why is my Watch not working ?

      When you receive your watch, it may not be working for you right away. This is because there is a small plastic spacer that is attached to the dial of your watch. (This dial is located on the side of the watch) Once you remove the plastic spacer, ...